Dawn Fraser Baths 28.02.2016

This place is a rare slice of history. I love the idea that it still exists in close-to-original design. As you would expect the facilities are basic, but that is part of its charm. Being a fair way inside the harbour, the water loses its crystal clarity and blue tones.

If you love history a swim at the Dawn Fraser Baths is an experience not to be missed. I know of no other pool like this in Sydney and I fear that it won’t last forever.



Lots of water polo is played here and has been for well over a hundred years.

Dawn Fraser Baths is located directly across the water from Cockatoo Island. The area is rich in history … a bit like Dawn I suppose, a little older these days, but still a delight.

Wild Swimming #4

Location – enter the GPS coordinates into Google -33.8535  151.1731

Child Friendly 4/5

My rating 2/5 for swimming (5/5 for history and style)