Little Bay Beach & The Bogey Hole 09.04.2016

Little Bay is a gem in the Sydney coastline. There is a lot of history associated with this location, much of it linked to the old Prince Henry Hospital. The site is now a developed area, however much of the history has been retained. Take a stroll around the site, stop for coffee near the old gatehouse (near the Anzac Parade entrance) or check out the museum located in a restored old hospital ward. There are great dining options in the area too. The entrance to the beach is adjacent to the Chapel and the old boat shed (headquarters of Surf Life Saving Sydney).

The area is surrounded by golf courses and you actually have to traverse part of the golf course to get to the beach (please be quiet near the tee – it’s a tricky par 3).

Descend the steep stairway, past the open shower and toilet facilities, to the narrow sandy beach.


The area is popular with snorkelers, spear fishers and rock fishers, although it is one of the most hazardous rock fishing sites in Australia and has claimed many lives. The rock fishers practise their sport well outside the bay parameters. Stay off the rock platforms (where the rock fishers go) if there is any swell running.

Despite the hazards of rock fishing, this is a really safe swimming spot provided you stay within the bay or in the small rock pool (the Bogey Hole) which was built many years ago to provide nurses with a shark-free swimming spot. It is located on the southern rock shelf.

imageThe Bogey Hole

The narrow entrance to Little Bay, and the fact that it is surrounded by beautiful sandstone cliffs, means that the beach is safe and accessible in all but the heaviest swell.

Kids will love to explore the area and it’s easy to keep an eye on them.


Little Bay is a personal favourite and I think it has something for everybody, although it can get a little crowded on summer weekends. It’s best on a mid to high tide. The bay can suffer storm water pollution after heavy rain, although much work has been done to alleviate that problem by Randwick City Council.

Wild Swimming #67

Location – enter the GPS coordinates into Google -33.9799  151.2514

Child friendly 4/5

My rating 5/5

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