Suction – Yarra Bay North Corner 06.04.2016

This little beach is adjacent to the old Bunnerong Power Station water inlet, hence the name ‘suction’. This is one of Bingo’s favourite swimming spots. Best mid-tide rising, as the beach is a little narrow at full tide. A north easterly breeze usually means crystal clean water. There are some nice rocks to perch on and the view across the bay is alway interesting. Access is a bit difficult, as you have to climb down some rocks. Alternatively, you could swim into the bay from the main beach.

Best mid-week, as it is popular in summer on weekends. This is a safe swimming spot, with no steep drop-offs (common in bays). Take a mask and snorkel and explore the reef, always a few fish hanging around.

For the adventurous; you can climb the inlet wall and jump into deep clear water. The walk along the wall is not for the faint hearted though (slipping off has consequences).


There are no facilities anywhere near-by, no shops and no showers.

Despite it all, this is a great little beach, perfect for a quiet relaxing swim.

Wild Swimming #69

Location – enter the GPS coordinates into Google -33.9764  151.2239

Child friendly  3/5

My rating 4/5

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