Clovelly Bay 14.01.2016

Clovelly is a great place to swim. Take your fins and goggles and hang around the entrance to the bay and you are a good chance to spot one of the large blue groper swimming around. Best at mid to high tide, as the entrance steps get slippery at low tide and the visibility is reduced. For the fit amongst you, the go is to swim across the bay then run around the path-ways, which surround the bay and dive in again – for some reason the normal direction is anti-clockwise. The kids can play in the sand at the end of the bay where the water is shallow. Facilities are good and parking is OK. The concrete deck on the south side of the bay (near the entrance) is a great sun-baking area and if you climb around the rocks a little way you can sit amongst the large sandstone rocks.

Clovelly is located on the coastal walk between Bronte and Coogee. The views each way are magnificent. Here’s a perfect morning ….. start at Bronte with a swim at the Baths, walk south to Clovelly for the second swim of the day, then on to Coogee for a dip at Giles Baths. Lunch at Coogee then take a quick cab ride back to Bronte.

Wild Swimming #60

Location –  enter the GPS coordinates into google           -33.9134  151.2662

Child friendly 5/5

My rating 4/5



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