Long Bay (aka Malabar) 19.01.2016

One of Bingo’s favourite swimming spots is Malabar. The Northern Boat ramp is a good entry point for a swim and a short walk along the rocks leads to ‘Chinaman’s Beach’ where shallow rock pools are good for a paddle. The view across the bay to the Rock Pool and Southern Boat ramp inspires local swimmers (and sometimes their dogs) to swim across and back again. Sharks you say? Yep. Worth the risk ….. of course.

The water quality in the long wide bay suffers from stormwater pollution after heavy rain, although recent work has improved conditions significantly.

I grew up in this area and the whole place has a kind of spiritual meaning for me.

Never really crowded, one nice little coffee shop (South side), basic facilities, super safe, easy parking.

Best not to swim in the bay for a few days after heavy rain.


Wild Swimming #75

Location – enter the GPS coordinates into google -33.9642 151.2522

Child friendly 5/5

My rating 3/5

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